The One They Fear

     Hey, folks, when I choose a band for this site I not only look for originality, I look for personality. This band definitely has that. As you read on you will see that and as you hear their music that personality will become evident.

     “The One They Fear” is a three piece band. Jon Robinson, their representative, plays Rhythm Guitar. He has played with several other bands such as Wraith, Sum of All and A Breath of Mercy.

     Rick Hardy, Who does vocals and Lead Guitar, also played with Atlas Dying and A Wanted Awakening while the base player, who plays base, is actually a guitarist but, when the band was looking for a base player said he would do it, that it would be, “Like playing the guitar with a couple less strings”.

     They started with a sound much like, Metallica’s but since they have gone through a Death Metal period as well as Metal core. Their influences are, In Flames, Kill Switch Engage, Ghost, Papa Roach, Soil Work and of course, Metallica.

     The guys all grew up in the small town of Warrensburg, NY listening to Grunge and Hard Rock. Like good metal enthusiasts the ditched their typing assignments and spent that time looking up metal bands, then would head out to the vintage record stores to find the music they spent their time reading about.

     They are inspired by life, love and art but their message involves pointing out the hypocrisy in the world and making sure their fans know about all the atrocities committed by humans upon humans. They urge those who listen to them to practice compassion. They are all sons, fathers, husbands and one, Rick, is a veteran.

     The causes they support are what speak most to their personality as a band and as individuals. They are concerned with the conservation of wildlife, kids with special needs; Jon works with a non-profit special needs organization, Breast Cancer, Rick’s wife is an RN, and ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). You can watch their comical video of their ALS challenge.
     Rick Hardy is the one who got the guys together. Their purpose is to inspire people to change for the better. They are a dynamic group of guys who have been together since 2013 but have been friends since High School. They write record and produce all their own music, videos and artwork.
     If you get a chance to go see them, they will start performing live next year, you really need to do so. I know I will. It is rare to see a band support so many good causes and fearlessly take on the blatant corruption that is so evident every time you turn on the TV. This is a band I can respect as well as like to listen to.

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