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Steve Purcell

1.) Who are the members of your band & what are their musical influences.? 

     Me (Steve Purcell), for most of my music career I've been a Independent Professional Musician. or "side-man".
     However, I am finally in the process of putting together a new Power-House Blues Band called,
     "Stevie D & the b.b. three" - with me on Lead Vocals & Guitars.   

2.) How long have you been in the music industry.?

      I've been in the music industry all of my life., I started playing guitar at 11 & haven't looked back.

3.) How long have you been performing under your present name & what other bands have you played with.? 

      I've been using my present name my whole career.
      I have played with many, many Indie & Major Label Rock & Country bands, a few of my own original rock bands where
      "Thunders Cry", "Warning", & Retrospect Records "Lazy Susan".
       A few Country & Rock Artist's I've played with are Lofton Creek Records Recording Artist "Gwen Sebastian",
       Million selling Rocker' "Ron Keel" (KEEL, Steeler), RCA Records Recording Artist's "Jeff Bates". 

4.) Where did you grow up.?

      I grew up in Mt. Vernon / Renfro Valley, Ky. 
      an awesome little town to grow up in.

5.) What era shaped your musical development? 

      I'd have to say the "era" that shaped me most musically was the 60's & 70's music,
      my Dad was & is a very good guitar player, his music had a huge impact on me.
      lucky for me he liked the "good-stuff". 

6.) Who are your musical influences.? 

      My musical influences are from one side of the spectrum to the other., - in no particular order,
       The Ventures (Nokie Edwards), Duane Eddy, Link Wray, Gary Moore, Randy Rhoads, George Lynch,
       Tommy Emmanuel, The Beatles (George Harrison), Steve Trovato, David Oaks, Bob Babbitt, Brent Mason,
       B.B. King, Albert Lee, Paul Gilbert, Hank Garland, Don Rich, Jeff Beck, Dave DeLuna,  Lindsey Buckingham, 
       Jeff "Skunk" Baxter, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Ace Frehley, Ray Price, Wynn Stewart, - & a whole bunch more,
       but that will give you an idea. 

7.) How old were you when you started following a musicians path.?

      I started following a musicians path or bands right away, I was probably nine or ten years old
      when a good friend turned me on to KISS., I was instantly hooked, & wanted to know everything about them,
      especially Ace Frehley the Guitar player.

8.) Tell me a funny story that happened to you as you. 

     I was playing a show in Alexandria, VA. & it was my birthday, & right in the middle of the show
     the whole band stopped playing & grabbed a big cake they had hidden & proceded to cover me in 
     cake. it was very unexpected & everyone including the audience got a huge kick out of it.
     i think i still have some icing in my tele pickups.  

9.) Where would you like to be in five years.? 

    I hope to be still making my living doing what I've always loved, Music & playing my guitar,
    writing & recording new music & hopefully still touring, & having success with my Blues Band Project.

10.) What inspires you to write.?
        many things, it could be a movie, an idea, another song, or just a line. 

11.) What is your philosophy on life & how does it affect your music.?

       I say live & let live., I try to use my music to transport people to another place, time, or space. 

12.) Please add the places you have played & the city they are in. 

        I've played shows in just about every major city in the U.S.
        & i've also played shows in the Bahamas.

13.) Do you have any causes that tug at your heart strings, or that you support.? Abused pets, world peace.

        I'm an avid Kick Cancer supporter., also I Love pets.