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Snailmate is Kalen Lander and Ariel Monet. Kalen plays the keyboards and Ariel the drums and she is not only beautifully punky, she is wild as you can tell by the pictures.

Kalen calls their music “Psychedelic Rap”. The two have been together romantically for 4 years and have been performing since October 2014. Ariel used to play in an all-girl jazzy type band but I know it was probably a punkier version and Kalen was in a group that also played psychedelic rap.

I saw them live and they were so much fun to watch and listen to. The sound was so original and so danceable. Some of the rapping was so fast I don’t know how Kalen got the lyrics out and Ariel’s Death Metal type screaming was awesome as an addition to her wild style of drumming.

 The way they reached so much success so soon is not only their wonderful showmanship but their use of social media and treating their fans like friends. They sell merch at their shows and you have to get one of their cd’s and t-shirts to remember them by but you won’t need it because they are very memorable.

In the two years since I saw them they have toured almost continuously all over the country. Ariel is their marketing and promotional expert. She works the social media world very heavily and their originality sells itself. Snailmate is my favorite Independent Music act.

 Black Cat Bone Skadoosh with FEATURE BASS PLAYER – Steve Warren, the Pretty Boy of independent