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Paul Quigley

Blind balladeer and spiritual Svengali songs smith Paul Quigley is an enigma.  Born in East Anglia to a Scouse father and half-Irish mother, Paul grew up in a Britain where disability and being different were either victimized, teased, bullied or simply ignored by an establishment whose only concerns were of survival of the fittest. If you didn’t fit neatly in the category of academic high-achiever in those days, if you didn’t fit in, you were left on the social scrapheap.

Blindness and visual-impairment was seen as a weakness rather than diversity, and being outspoken was considered rebellious and anti-authority rather than multicultural or socially-acceptable. However, being musical from a young age and the grandson of an Irish singer and a Yorkshire pianist, Paul’s miscall pedigree was evident from an early age. From choirboy to trumpet player and on to guitar and vocals in bands throughout the decades, Paul persevered with his musical calling even as degenerative eye disabilities grew as the years went by.

Paul doggedly refused to give up his musical calling for an easy life on benefits or in some call-center jobs worth hellhole. Having mastered the musical crafts and returning to university as a mature student to study management and corporate governance, Paul spent many years working as a journalist to support his love of song writing and balladry. His song vault grew apace and he now has written a large number of original works that he now sings and performs live and on radio shows around the world. After two marriages and his beloved children,

Paul Quigley is returning to the stage from whence he came many years ago to perform as a solo artist who writes and produces his own songs in his studio at his home near Manchester, England. His determination to prove to the world that being blind is no barrier to boldness of spirit and a hunger to express the gamut of emotions of the human condition, from love songs to rebel songs, Paul Quigley is a unique voice in the musical firmament whose lyrics, voice and musicality need to be heard to be believed.

Pre Solo Career

HellsBelles ( was formed in 2004 from the ashes of ‘Hell’s Belles’ which was formed by former members of Discharge in 1984 which itself later disbanded in 1987.

However, Paul Quigley kept the torch alight and has since rebranded the band as ‘HellsBelles’ (one word, without the apostrophe) and the new band is entirely new.

Re-formed, mutated and evolved, a seminal band emerged. Unique. Quirky. Different. Blending and melding disparate styles and influences into a new, unique cohesive musical powerhouse. Thus emerged, without fanfare or bluster, without hype or hysteria – one band to rule them all in the crossover period that was post-punk, post-NWOBHM, pre-grunge, pre-numetal – that sound, that energy, that force, was Hell’s Belles – now reborn, revamped and rearmed as – HellsBelles…

HellsBelles – the `original` British heavy metal band, formed in 1984 from the ashes of the cult punk hardcore thrash Discharge, led by original lead vocalist and songwriter, Paul Quigley, HellsBelles now fuses metal, classic heavy rock, progressive art rock, mixed with ethnic and acoustic folk balladry that defies categorisation.