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Parallel Minds

Parfelell Minds is Stephanie Fredet on vocal, Greg Girardo on guitar, Frankie Costanza on drums and Fabian on Bass. They have played wth bands such as Dagoba, Primal Fear, Epica, Pretty maids, Coexistence, Savatage and Falkirk.

Parallel Minds is a heavy metal band with some very unique music to their credit and started performing under their present name since 2014. They have an album out called, “Headlong Disaster”, which has been wildly successful.

Their sound has been inspired by such bands as, “The Scorpions’, “Iron Maiden”, Savatage, “Metalica”, “Death Angel”, “Teatament”, “Flames” and “Mr.Big”, the later two are Swedish Death metal Bands.

Stephanie relates that while in Sumatra in Indonesia he met a couple of guys and they played from early evening till 4 Am, “drank a loooooooot  of beer” and says it was one of the “best unexpected moments of his life.”

Stephanie says his writing is inspired by the anger he feels at religious groups that try to tell people how they should live, magical stuff in his earlier career but is now inspired by the harsh realities of child abuse, animal abuse and the fact that the world seems bent on self destruction. He is guided by the philosophy that one should “Do not do unto others what you don’t want people to do to you”, which is the Jewish inspiration of the Christian Golden Rule that no one seems to live by.

Parallel Minds, at present is working on their second Album composed by Staphanie and Greg and Fabian and Eric are working on their contributions. They have played all over France, Stephanie was raised near Paris, and are looking forward to playing in other European countries in the near future.