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Nathan Payne and the Wild Bores 

     These guys are great. I saw Nathan and his band at the world famous, “Spirit Room”, in Jerome Arizona, a sleepy little former mining town famous for its Wild West atmosphere and its houses of ill repute that served the miners in its heyday.

     The mood was laid back. However, it was not long before Nathan and the guys had the place jumping. Many of the patrons were returning fans and those who had not seen them before quickly became new fans. Their music is totally original and their lyrics reflect a vibrant sense of humor.

     Nathan has been in the Independent Music Industry for 20 years playing small clubs and local watering holes. He has also played in some local festivals in the Southwest, West and Pacific Northwest.

     Nathan was raised in the defunct, industrial town of Rockford, Illinois.  His first instrument was the trombone of all things.

     He says he can’t count the number of clubs he has played that paid little cash and lots of crappy watered down drinks.  Such is the life of an Independent Musician. The only clubs in the area was a metal club called, “The Cherry Bomb”, a place where local acts would get on stage and pretend to be Metallica or Motley Crue for an hour a couple hours a week.

     He started his first real band in college. They called themselves, “Talisman”. The name was kind of prophetic when you see the kind of magic they bring with them wherever they go. You can feel it in the air and rising from the floor infecting you with a spell that just makes you want to get up and shake the proverbial leg.

     He met the present members of his band, “The Wild Bores” in Parks and Flagstaff, Arizona. He says putting a band together by meeting them at shows is a good way to find out if they can play and whether or not they are cool or "douchbagf"s. He also says that meeting prospective band members the way he does can turn out to be quite the train wreck if you’re not careful.

            Today he pretty much plays in clubs in Arizona. He books his venues by way of the road map. The place he plays tonight pays for the gas it takes to get to the next venue. He longs for the day when his music will afford him to get a place to live that is not on wheels and identified by a VIN number.

     He is passionate about Free Speech, Free Speech, Free Speech”. Also he would like to see the legalization of marijuana and the decriminalization of free thinking. He believes that laws should not be subjectively interpreted by some stuffy old judge who is out of touch with the present day mood of the masses. He would also like to see the, “abolition of seatbelt laws and speed limits, at least on freeways.”

           One night he even gave his free drink to a pretty young lady who went to the bartender and ordered a complicated drink that contained Stolichnaya Vodka. He said the bartender looked at him and asked, “PBR or Vodka Tonic?” Kind of gives you the feel of the kind of places he likes to play.

     Nathan Payne and the Wild Bores (Bores is spelled as such intentionally) are a must see. I promise you this, though, they are anything but boring. If you like great Music in redneck bars with lots of people who are not afraid to revel in their stoned drunkenness and love to get up and dance then Nathan Payne and the Wild Bores are the band to see.