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Maze of Sound

This article is going to me different because of the nature of this band’s shows. Maze of Sound plays Progressive, Theatrical Music in the vein of YES, Genesis and Peter Gabriel who are also their major influences and my three favorite artists of all time!!! They are also influenced by INXS, Marillion, U2, Muse and Depeche Mode.

They combine Music, Fantasy and Theater in their shows which make for a truly Mystical experience. Their guiding philosophy is to see the light in the darkness of the world which surrounds us. They present a positive message in their lyrics and try to bring hope to the hopeless.

Maze of Sound is from Poland. They are, Piotr who is a classically trained orchestral violinist. Arek is a professional session guitarist, Grzegoez is a professional percussionist and Jakub is a graduate of music school as a pianist and sings. They have only been together for 5 years and have played over 100 shows in Poland as well as performances in Lithuania, England, Hungary and Germany.

Just imagine going to a Maze of Sound Show. You are in a Tolkien like fantasy world full of mythical characters like Elves, Wizards and Hobbits. The lighting is multicolored and foggy. Everything you see his partially hidden and what you can’t see you fill in with your imagination giving the atmosphere of a personal fantasy. The lyrics are fanciful and lend to the creation of a world that exists in your mind. The performance itself feeds your personal fantasy.

Their first release was, “Man in the Balloon”, and was featured on two compilation albums for   'Voices for Hospices' among such artists as Steve Hackett (Genesis), Pete Trewavas (Marillion) and 'Eclipse' magazine in Germany near Riverside. Their new 'Mechanic People' single appeared in Ink Tunes digital rock compilation by Eclipse Records in the USA. In 5 years they would like to take their brand of music to a new level and they feel there are “on the right musical ladder to get there”.

It is my sincerest hope that they come to The United States and make Atlanta, Ga one of the places they play. This is not a simple club type band. This band would do well at CNN center and The Fox Theater. This year they are going to release a new album named after their single “Mechanic people”. I, for one am going to go see them and that is a guarantee.