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For Granted The Sky

For Granted The Sky has been around for only a little over a year and they have really had an impressive start. Bob Rox from Saline, Missouri Who does the percission but also plays guitar and keyboards and also handles the production end. Skylar is a singer. He also plays guitar. Skylar has been singing for most of his life and has been performing  a solo artists for 6 years. He is from San Antonio, Texas. Skylar writes most of the group’s songs with the help of Grant. Grant is the guitarist and hails from Tecumseh, Michigan.

These guys are so mellow and laid back but what would you expect from a band with a song called, “Love, Peace and Pizza Grease”, and whose 5 year ambition is to spread their music and “Eat all kinds of pizza.”

Sky said that we was out on the street playing one day on one of those little, starter guitars. A man who had been listening asked him why he played such a small guitar. Skylar said it was all he had so the man went to his car, got out a Fernendez Acoustic and gave it to him. I can only imagine what the man saw in Sky but when you see the videos and hear him sing you will know. Skyler named the guitar, Edgar, and it is what he uses when he, Bob and grant get together and write.

Bob has a wide variety of influences. He is classically trained and draws from all kinds of music from Classic Rock, Reggee, Hip Hop, and Punk. Skylar and Grant are younger and their staples are mostly from the 90’s groups like matchbox 20, Thriving Ivory, The goo goo Dolls, Fall Out Boy, My Chemical romance and Panic at the Disco. They also like Belmont, Neck Deep and the Story so Far, Blink 182 and early Greenday.

Their pet cause is Alzheimer’s Disease. They are affiliated with the organization, NuStepping to end Alzheimer’s run by Ms. Nikki Dodson. Their upcoming schedule includes benefits for the organization, The Lenawee County Fair, Dan’s tavern in Clinton, Mi, and Cameron’s Comics in Adrian, Mi. They have also played Jersey’s Tavern in Tecumseh, The Appleumpkin Festival, both in Tecumseh as well as Mandy’s pub in Adrian, The Gorilla Warfare battle of the Bands and Dan’s tavern in Clinton.