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Dream Aria 

Dream Aria, a Canadian Band, is Ann Burstyn, face person, Lead singer, lyrics and she also does the artwork. I did an interview with her and found her to not only be charming and intelligent but very down to earth.

Don Stagg is the composer, writes lyrics, plays keyboards and arranges the instrumentals. Garry Flint plays drums and is also Dream Aria's producer.

Dream Aria plays a wide variety of musical styles from Progressive Rock, Techno, Classical, New Age, Goth and World Music. The vocals are raw. Their guitar work is amazing. The keyboards are lush; to say the least and their rhythms and lyrics are truly deep and meaningful.

Dream Aria has been together since 2004, wow, 12 years. Ann came up with the name and they have been playing live and recording the entire time. Gary also played with National Velvet, who was a very popular band in their day. Ann and Don played on a variety of projects and that experience is what is responsible for their wide variety of musical Genres.

Don, Gary and Andrew are all from Toronto, Ontario and Ann is from Winnipeg.

Their influences are The Russian composers of the Romantic Era, Peter Gabriel, Early Genesis, Yes, King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Kate Bush and Pink Floyd and a few others, all of which listed are my personal favorites. It is no wonder I love these guys and gal.

Dream Aria’s goal, ultimately, is to sign with a major label. They have been approached by a few companies but, as per record companies these days, all the advantages were on the side of the label so they have not had any luck there as yet.

I love their philosophy. I think a band’s philosophy is what drives them. Their philosophy is simple; take time to live, laugh and love.

Dream Aria just finished a tour and are now working on their 4th CD. They are hoping for a January Release but say that it may be closer to March. I implore you lovers of original music to look into Dream Aria. Buy their music and definitely go see them when you get a chance.