“In the 80s Axemaster once played an opening gig as a favor for a club owner. The headline band treated us like total shit and tried to sabotage our show, really screwed with our sound and had their friends in the crowd heckle us. We were severely pissed off and I left right after we played, but found out later that our drummer told some of his friends about what had happened, so his friends snuck backstage while the headline band was playing and pissed all over the band's clothes and in their shoes!”

 Axemaster is – Geoff McGraw, who plays Rhythm Guitars, Damin Bennett on lead, Joe Sims also on lead, Denny Archer on drums and Jim Curtis on Bass. The members have played with tribute bands, as well as with, Reign, Ravenslay,  and Shadowplay. However, All clearly stated in the interview that their one goal is to keep recording and playing as AXEMASTER till they just can’t play anymore.

My interview was with Joe Sims. He stated that he used to have a really negative attitude but over the years he has changed quite a bit and this change has bled over to the entire band. Today they try to “treat people right”. They do their best to appreciate the good things that come to them and not take anything for granted. It is this writer’s opinion that this positive focus is the source of Axemaster’s staying power.

The causes that are near to their hearts are the well being of abused animals, the desire for world peace, save the whales and any cause that stands for stopping the abuse of the helpless such as animals, children and the elderly.

AXEMASTER has two upcoming releases. One is going to be ON VINYL!!! Woo hoo, I saved that old stereo turntable for some reason!!! It will consist of material from the bands work from the 80’s and 90’s and the other will be a NEW full length CD that will be called “Crawling Chaos”. After this interview I will be waiting for both and when they come to Atlanta I will definitely take the opportunity to go see them. I hope to see you there!!!!! come to Atlanta I will definitely take the opportunity to go see them. I hope to see you there!!!!!

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